Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tutorial using free software " Gimp"

Hi :) Today I want to share with you a tutorial about " How to organize and print digital stamps using GIMP". GIMP is free software, you can download it FREE by clicking HERE.
GIMP is quite similar to Adobe Photoshop,  it works with layer too
Okay, let's start!!

1. Open the Software. Click File - New

2. If you want to print using A4 paper, change the Image Size, Width : 21 cm Height 29.7 cm
And then click the Advanced Options change  x resolution and Y resolution into 300 pixels/in

3. File - Open the file you want to print. I choose this cute baby :)

4. Click Rectangle Select Tool and select the object of baby.  Click Control C for PC or Apple C for MAC to copy the baby image

5. Choose the paper and click Create a new layer. Choose the Layer Fill Type still in Transparency.Click OK

6. Click Control V (for PC) or Apple V (for Mac) to Paste the image onto the paper. There's baby image on the paper. But I think he is too big so I will resize the baby.

7. Click Scale Tool and click it on baby image. There's a grid, you will need to resize it without having any distorsion (in scale proportion), you can click the grid and press the Control. Resize it as you want, you can see the ruler up above and press SCALE on the box that appear if you finish.

8. Here We Go....the baby image is smaller. Perfect for my card :D

9. Click Move Tool,Click on the paper and you will have one layer and background.

10. You can click the Layer and move it using Move Tool.

11. If I want to duplicate the baby image. I click Create a duplicate of the layer. Before you do that, make sure you choose the Layer of Baby image and  not the background.

12. There will be Layer Copy. Click the Layer Copy and using Move Tool, you can move it.If you want to move the first image, click on Layer and using Move Tool, you can move it again.
You can do it on other images. Fill your paper with many images and print it, so the paper is not wasted :) 

I hope my tutorial will be useful to you. I will make other tutorial on how to use more of my digital stamp next time. 
If you want to learn more about GIMP, you can search it on Youtube too. 
I recommended this FREE software!!

This is my Valentine projects, I print the images on one paper and cut it manually.

Happy Valentine for all of you. I hope you have good times with your loved ones :)

Big Hugs,



  1. aww so totally adorable... I will be creating some more stuff soon..

    Happy Valentines Day..

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    Thanks for the link - off to have a play.

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